You either love him or you hate him. Scott Bloomquist was gracious enough to give us some time to answer a few questions about West Virginia Motor Speedway (WVMS). BLOOMQUI_02

1. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says WVMS?

“FAST! Very technical. This is a driver’s track, handling track. If your car wasn’t working in one groove, you could move around and find another line that worked.

2. What is your fondest memory at this track?

“The 2010 Hillbilly 100 for sure. However, one that is real close to the Hillbilly was first time coming here. It was in the early 90′s and I set fast time. I was leading the heat race and the engine blew up. The race rained out and we came back to give it another shot. So I started in the back of the C-Main and finished 2nd, good enough to put us in the B-Main. Started in the back of the B-Main and finished second. Made the A-main through the C and B-mains. From the tail, I raced my rear off and finished second. If there were a few more laps, I would have caught the leader. Man I passed alot of cars that day!”

3. What are your thoughts on the shortened WVMS? 

“Well, for one thing it’s still fast. However, it will give more of the locals/regionals racers a chance to race here without worrying about some of the issues the old track had.  The speeds at the old track intimidated racers, the cream rose to the top real quick.

4. Any quote from Scott Bloomquist can rile the fans up. Would you like to leave us with one? 

“We’ve been doing alot of testing this year. Since dropping off the Lucas tour we’ve dedicated ourself to it. We tested last Friday night and found some stuff that’s going to help and put the Scott Bloomquist that everyone remembers back on the track. One thing’s for sure, we’re coming loaded for bear to RaceFest this year.

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