Landers Takes Modified Portion of DTWC

Oct 18, 2010 – After a dominating performance in his last visit to ‘the Speed Plant’, the question asked around the pit area was “Does anyone have anything for Jared Landers”?
The answer to the question would be determined at the end of the 30 lap open wheel modified main, a race that re-affirmed the division’s close competition.

St Clairsville, Ohio’s JR Nolan has spent the last couple of years grooming younger drivers to take over the driving chores in he and brother Tom’s ‘2-Brother’s Motorsports’ entry, but strapped the belts up and looked like he might provide the lesson to the entire 26 car starting field. Nolan shot off the front row and rim rode the groove, turning back the challenges of Nascar legend Kenny Schrader, as Landers quickly charged from his 6th starting position to 3rd. The lead trio initially looked to be in a class of their own, with Nolan stubbornly clinging to a narrow advantage.
Schrader kept up the pressure, and Nolan drifted just a bit high, giving Schrader an opening to the lead on lap 8.  A lap later, the same spot on the track allowed Landers an open lane to the runner up position. Landers quickly reeled in Schrader after breaking into second, but passing the cagey vet was another issue as Shrader hit his marks perfectly, lap after lap. While Landers literally pushed Schrader down the frontstretch at times, Corey Conley and Kevin Morehouse charged up to make this a 4 car lead battle. With the laps ticking off, Landers became more aggressive, but simply couldn’t rattle Schrader, who doggedly clung to the slimmest of advantages. Schrader moved his backstretch entrance line a lane lower, and Landers, feeling pressure from Conley, pounced on the opportunity. As Landers made his pass for the lead on lap 23, Jess Hartman arrived to pressure Morhouse and Conley, with all three trying to displace Missouri native Schrader. With just 2 laps remaining, the races 2nd and final caution regrouped the field for a 2 lap banzai charge to the checkered flag. Landers proved equal to the task, motoring away to a $3000 payday, and his 2nd WVMS modified main win of the season.  Shrader held off the hard charging Conley and Morehouse narrowly nipped Hartman, who completed the top 5.  6th through 10th were Mike Wilson, Nolan, Chris Stotts, Rich Michaels and Jim Fordyce.

“The track fooled me a little tonight” said Landers afterwards.  “I really wasn’t sure that we would be able to get Kenny (Schrader).  We seemed to come on later in the race, and that was the difference”.  When asked about the difference between racing the Late Model and Modified car, Landers said “Well, we didn’t do so well with the late model tonight, but I actually enjoy the modifieds more.  The late models are so ‘line specific’, and with the modifieds it seems like we can move around and use more of the track.  I think the racing is actually better with these cars”.
In closing, Landers said “I really enjoy racing at this place.  I’m sure we’ll be back next season!”

Schrader, who finished 1.83 seconds behind Landers’ ‘Mark Martin Ford’ # 777 eased out of his own ‘Federated Auto Parts’ #9 to say “Man, this track is awsome”.
Complimenting his Concord, NC neighbor, Schrader stated “Jared is awfully tough in these cars.  We’ve raced against him a lot here lately.  He has his program together, and right now he’s the benchmark for the rest of us”.

Landers was the weekends fastest modified qualifier, as he, Jesse Wisecarver, Kyle Brown and Darrel Mayer were the qualifying heat winners.  Jim Fordyce and Travis Dickson won the dual B-main qualifiers.

results:  (top 4 qualify from all prelims)

Heat 1:  Jared Landers, Rich Michaels, JR Nolan, Rob Stambaugh, Justin Coulter, Rick Venham Jr, Jason Canepari, Darin Roush, Jeff Bagent, Nathan Loney, Jonathon Taylor, Larry Keefer, Jason Montgomery, JE Stalder.

Heat 2:  Jesse Wisecarver, Kevin Morehouse, Jess Hartman, Mark Dickson, Jim Fordyce, David McWilliams, Barry Jacobs, Robert Garnes, Dusty Boley, Shawn Donahue, Greg Anderson, Will Rowe, Kurt Stacey, Charlie Duncan.

Heat 3:  Kyle Brown, Kenny Schrader, Ken Riddle, Bobby Kitchen, Travis Dickson, Tom Moore, Todd Higgins, Mark Luning, Jason Brooks, Mike Foggin, Denny Szekacs, Mark Enos, Mike Foggin, Chris Garnes.

Heat 4:  Darrel Mayer, Corey Conley, Deana Groves, Mike Wilson, JP Roberts, Mike Duncan, Jeremy Blake, Chad Roush, Dale Lyons, Chris Stotts, Kenny Johnson, Bill Thorla, Rick Schmitt.

B-main #1:  Fordyce, Montgomery, Coulter, Higgins, Moore, Venham, Luning, Canepari, D. Roush, Szekacs, Johnson, Foggin, Keefer.

B-main #2:  T, Dickson, McWilliams, Stotts, Roberts, Boley, Lyons, Stacey, Blake, Anderson, C. Roush.

Feature:  Landers, Schrader, Conley, Morehouse, Hartman, Wilson, Nolan, Stotts, Michaels, Fordyce, Riddle, M. Dickson, T. Dickson, Coulter, Groves, Lyons*, Brown, Mayer, Wisecarver, Higgins, Johnson*, Montgomery, Roberts, McWilliams, Kitchens, Stambaugh.
(* = provisional starter)

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