Track Reconfiguration Nears Completion at West Virginia Motor Speedway

Track Reconfiguration Nears Completion at West Virginia Motor Speedway


Seann Anderson

Mineral Wells, WV (08/11/2012) – A track reconfiguration project that started nearly a
year and a half ago is nearing completion at West Virginia Motor Speedway (WVMS). During late 2010, Lynn Chapman of Mountain State Motor Sports Promotions decided that shortening the track from 5/8 to a 3/8 mile track was critical for the long term health and sustainability of the venue.

“We underestimated how difficult this project would be.” said Lynn Chapman of Mountain State Motorsports Promotions (MSMP). “Our original plan was to shorten WVMS from a 5/8 mile track to a 3/8 mile track. The more we spoke to fans and drivers, the more the we decided that it would be in our best interest to change our original plans from a 3/8 mile and make it a 4/10 mile track. WVMS’ original format was unique; we want this new format to be unique as well”

Chapman added, “I’m in this for the long haul. I know that race fans and drivers have been skeptical if the track reconfiguration was ever going to happen after we failed to hit our original completion date. No one else wants to see this track be successful more than me. I’m currently in the final year of my lease and I fully intend on extending the lease for years to come.”

“I’m really excited about the potential of the new size of the track!” said WVMS promotor Brian Ferrell. “There have been numerous challenges to the track resizing that’s been out of our control. Believe me, if it was as easy as we originally assumed, we would have started racing in the spring.”

With the protective guardrails and dirt in place for turns 3 & 4, the MSMP team plans on laying out the clay racing surface over the weekend of August 11 and 12.

“If everything goes according to plan and the weather cooperates, we plan on holding a closed test session on the track in the coming weeks with several of the area’s accomplished and experienced drivers. We want their help in ensuring the racing surface is ready for competition.” said Chapman. “If the test session goes well, we’ll be announcing our opening date for 2012 very soon. My plan is to race until the weather no longer allows us this year. If the summer is any indication, we might be racing into November!”

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